Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Press Herald

Dave Marshall is a 28-year-old who balances his free time between the role of artist and candidate for local office. Marshall has decided to run for Portland City Council representing his neighborhood in the West End.

"It's time for our generation to take the torch from the baby boomers," he said. When he's not wearing the hat of aspiring politician, Marshall is creating portraits, still-life paintings, figures and landscapes inside his art studio, dubbed "Pine Street at Night," appropriately located at 41 Pine St. On the Web, his art can be viewed at When he's not hanging at his home, studio or home page, you may find him visiting one of the following sites: "The collective studio and Web site of four West End artists, including myself." "The best local investigative journalism." "The local news that never takes a vacation." "The Portland Buy Local campaign was developed by business owners and citizens to educate the public about the importance of supporting Portland's locally owned, independent businesses. "Supporting local independent business makes economic sense."

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