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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Geraghty not seeking re-election

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The city councilor who has represented Portland's West End and Parkside neighborhoods for nearly a decade will not seek re-election in November.

Karen Geraghty, a champion for affordable housing and civil rights since she joined the City Council in 1997, did not return nomination papers to the city clerk's office by Tuesday's 4:30 p.m. deadline.

Geraghty had taken out nomination forms earlier in the election season to gather the 75 voter signatures needed to get on the Nov. 7 municipal ballot.

Geraghty could not be reached for comment Tuesday on her reasons for not seeking re-election. A longtime political lobbyist and prominent Democrat, she recently was hired by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to be director of administration. Commission Chairman Kurt Adams said she starts her new job Monday.

"She's a renowned district councilor known for her service to her constituents," said Peter O'Donnell, a former city councilor who said he worked with Geraghty on the city's domestic partnership and human rights ordinances.

Geraghty, who lives at 15 Briggs St., gained national attention in 2001 when she served as one of only about a dozen openly gay mayors in the country.

In deciding not to run, Geraghty, who was re-elected three years ago with 63 percent of the vote, unlocked the District 2 council seat to three other candidates who turned in nomination papers by Tuesday's deadline.

David Marshall, a community service supervisor who lives at 41 Pine St., will be on the November ballot after an assistant city clerk verified that he had enough nomination signatures.

The other candidates who returned nomination papers for Geraghty's seat are Cyrus Hagge, a contractor and former Planning Board member who lives at 55 Bowdoin St., and Michael Patterson, a Maine Medical Center administrator and Planning Board member who lives at 42 Deering St. Their nomination signatures had yet to be verified Tuesday afternoon.

In other races, District 1 incumbent Councilor William Gorham, a real estate agent who lives at 34 North St., will face two challengers for the seat that represents Munjoy Hill, Bayside, the Old Port and the islands.

They are Kevin Donoghue, who lives at 44 North St. and is a recent graduate of the University of Southern Maine's Muskie School of Public Service, and Kirk Goodhue, a real estate agent who lives at 73 Federal St. and on Peaks Island. Signatures for each District 1 council candidate were validated.

Councilor-at-large Nicholas Mavodones Jr. of 127 Wolcott St. returned nomination papers to seek re-election. If his signatures are validated, he will face Christina Feller of 95 Morning St., whose signatures were validated, and possibly Andres Verzosa of 314 Danforth St., whose signatures had yet to be validated.

On the School Committee, Rebecca Minnick of 53 Sheridan St. and Mavourneen Thompson of 344 Seashore Ave., Peaks Island, will vie for the District 1 seat held by Thompson's husband, Otis. Mavourneen Thompson is a member of the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics & Election Practices.

In the District 2 School Committee race, incumbent Stephen Spring of 240 Valley St. will be challenged by Robert O'Brien of 267 York St.

Teri McRae of 619 Allen Ave. and Sarah Thompson of 83 Starbird Road will vie for the at-large School Committee seat being given up by Jonathan Radtke. A third candidate, Kevin Gardella, returned nomination papers and will join the race if his signatures are verified.

David Margolis-Pineo of 138 Glenwood Ave. is the only candidate for Portland Water District trustee.

Although Portland's municipal races are nonpartisan, candidates' party affiliations are expected to play a role in some campaigns.

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Rosa of Portland, ME
Sep 6, 2006 9:44 PM
Dave Marshall is a passionate and informed neighborhood activist who brings to his campaign fresh ideas and a willingness to take input from his community.

He has seen his neighborhood go through many changes in his 8 years of residency and 5 years as a landlord and working artist on Pine Street, and has taken an active role in improving the area through his work with the West End Neighborhood Association and with troubled teenagers doing community service.

I am glad to see him stepping up to the role for which he has unknowingly been preparing for many years.

Dan of Portland, ME
Sep 6, 2006 8:47 PM
While i think that portland in general, and the west end in particular is going to lose a hard worker and good advocate in Karen Geraghty, we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard working candidate in Dave Marshall. He has already been on the trail for 2 months and has excellent ideas for a progressive future for portland. GO DAVE GO!

Armand of Portland, ME
Sep 6, 2006 7:35 PM
I have to say that I will certainly miss Karen and her ability to "be a bully" as has been mentioned. It is that ability that has gotten many things done for this city and the West End neighborhood while she has been in office. I must say though that as a West End resident I have no idea who these new candidates are. Guess they're not particularly visible to their constituents. I don't recall meeting any of them..being asked to sign any nomination papers or ever told that any of these people were running. Don't get me wrong I'm not the most politically involved person out there but it would seem to me that if someone were up to represent my district or neighborhood that I would've at least heard their names before if not being able to put a face with them. That's not the case here. Good luck with your new position Karen...I hope it's as rewarding as you have been to the West End and to those of us with alternative lifestyles.

Amy of Portland, ME
Sep 6, 2006 1:13 PM
Can anyone tell me where I can see the West End candidates speak? I am not familiar with any of them and I would like to make an informed choice in November.

Erin Cianchette of South Portland, ME
Sep 6, 2006 12:28 PM
I'm so happy David Marshall is running. He is a wonderful and hard working person and I know he will do a very good job as City Councilor. He is intelligent and charismatic, and I have a good feeling he’s going to win the seat this November!

joan of portland, me
Sep 6, 2006 12:21 PM
Hip Hip Hooray, I am tired of Councilor Geraghty's wining and itching at each council meeting. She is rude and carries on and on trying to be a bully. I think too many years on the Council have caused her to lose focus. Let the new people in to try some fresh ideas. I think Kevin Donoghue can do a much better job than Councilor Gorham as well. Although he doesn't have the experience and does tend to ramble at times (sorry Kevin) he brings many new and relative ideas to each council meeting. I look forward to what he can bring to the City.

Phil of Portland, ME
Sep 6, 2006 12:10 PM
It's about time Geraghty stepped down. The last fiasco with the Sea Dogs statue was ridiculous. This city needs new blood. Peter O'Donnell needs to be the next councilor ousted.

John Eder of Portland, ME
Sep 6, 2006 12:03 PM
New blood indeed! Hooray for Dave Marshall. I can't think of a better voice of the West End than Dave Marshall to fill that seat. I know Dave will do a great job in taking care of street level issues because he know's the district so well. Dave has been going door to door for two months. Good luck. You have my vote Dave!

Sep 6, 2006 8:31 AM
Good. Perhaps some new blood will step to the plate and be productive on the council. It's about time that some of the others retire from being professional city council members as well.

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