Saturday, October 14, 2006

Official 2006 Portland League Voter Guide

Portland, ME

November 7, 2006

City Council District 2

Dave Marshall

Endorsed Vote: Yes

The League was founded to inspire new 20 something year olds into the political arena. Dave is a fresh voice whose experience as an artist (hooray and Arts advocate) and local small business owner will fill a major gap in the Council. Over the last seven years, Dave has become a community builder in the West End. Dave is a thoughtful listener who believes in the public process and will also listen to recommendations from city-wide committees. He gets the League’s housing, environmental sustainability, and transportation goals. It is time for a new voice, outside of the power circles, to be elected!

Cyrus Hagge

Endorsed Vote: No

A Portland contributor for 30+ years (work & service on community boards). A collaborator, who gets The League’s issues. We are passing. He already shapes Portland and we urge him to continue.

Michael Patterson

Endorsed Vote: No

Experienced in city politics. Has neighborhood leadership, President of Parkside Neighboor Associaiotn. He’s already part of the Portland decision making circle, so we passed. We only wish there were more seats as he would be a great councilor.

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