Thursday, March 13, 2008

Priorities Task force for Community Development Block Grants

Based on recommendations from the Housing and Community Development
(HCD) Task Force last fall, we are now creating the CDBG Priority Task
Force. The goal of this Task Force will be to set the funding
priorities for the Community Development Block Grant for the next 3-5

This is not the City Manager's Policy Advisory Committee (CMPAC) who
reviews the funding applications and makes recommendations to the City
Manager and the City Council each year.

Rather this is a Task Force that will meet throughout the spring,
summer, and possibly fall 2008, to review current priorities for the
CDBG program and make recommendations for new priorities. The
recommendations of this Task Force and the final decisions by the City
Council will significantly impact what programs and projects will be
funded in the future, based on the priorities that will be set.

I encourage you to apply. Information is attached.

The deadline for applications in Friday March 28, 2008.

Please forward this to any group or individual you think would be
interested. I apologize if you received this more than once.

For more information about the Community Development Block Grant
program at the City of Portland, go to:
For more information about the HCD Task Force go to:

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you!

Amy Grommes Pulaski
Housing & Community Development Program Manager
389 Congress St. Rm 312
Portland, ME 04101

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