Thursday, May 08, 2008


Neighbors Protest Closing Reiche Library

PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) -- Budget cuts in Portland could force the public library to make cuts, that would include closing the branch at the Reiche Elementary School.

The Reiche branch has been part of the West end neighborhood for 35 years. Dozens came out to protest a plan that could close it.

Reiche is one of five library branches in Portland, not including the main library in Monument Square.

The library's executive director Steve Podgajny says after significant budget cuts they're forced to make changes. Those could include closing the Reiche branch and closing the Main Library on Mondays.

Podgajny says they picked Reiche because of the numbers. The branch is the lowest lender and also closest to the main location.

City councilor David Marshall represents the West end and was at the protest. He's looking into options to find extra revenue in the budget that could help save the branch. He's encouraging residents to attend the library's trustee meeting on Wednesday, May 14th at the main library.


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