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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WENA Action Saves Library (For Now)

The Reiche library will stay open after District 2 Councilor
Dave Marshall asked the Portland City Council on May 19th
to restore $30,000 from the City’s contingency fund,
allowing the library to remain open for at least one more
year. The West End Neighborhood Association organized
opposition to the proposed closing of the local branch
library when it became public in early May.

Library Director Stephen Podgajny and the library trustees
have promised extensive long-range planning, with public
input, during the coming year.

West End residents who contacted City Councilors to ask
for their support were pleased that the vote was 8 - 1 in
favor of Marshall's resolution. Jill Duson was the lone
councilor to vote against the measure, saying that she
couldn't support last-minute changes to the budget because
the finance committee had worked hard to balance
competing community interests.

The West End Neighborhood Association will keep residents
posted on PPL's long-range planning process, which will
eventually determine the fate of Reiche and other branch
libraries. WENA urged residents to stay close to the process
by joining the newly-formed Friends of Reiche. They can be
reached at

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