Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Curtis Robinson Needs to Follow Current Events in His Own Paper
and Edit the Mistakes He Makes

Today, Portland Daily Sun Editor Curtis Robinson issued an opinion piece in the Portland Daily Sun and made a huge mistake. Mr. Robinson confused Councilor Dan Skolnik and I when he wrote:

We sure did hear some vague reference to "temperament" and concerns about the council becoming divisive. Let's get out our Captain Obvious decoder rings and see what that really means. Hmmmmm. Wasn't it that rascal David Marshall (the only real declared candidate for mayor this time around, and a Green) who dared air negative comments about key city staffers? Right ... they had those private City Hall meetings to address the concerns. And didn't he make certain Powers That Be cringe by trying to alter a key police-action citizen review committee? Could that be the code?

It was Councilor Dan Skolnik, a Democrat on the City Council and a key supporter in the selection of Nick Mavodones as next year's mayor, who was publicly critical about the City Manager's job performance. It was Councilor Skolnik who had private meetings with Mayor Duson and City staffers. It was Councilor Skolnik who is trying to alter the Police Citizen Review Subcommittee.

The worst part of this egregious mistake is that Mr. Robinson's own paper has been reporting on the events.

Councilor calls out no-show city manager at meeting - "In a rare public rebuke of a municipal employee, Councilor Dan Skolnik on Tuesday criticized city manager Joe Gray in front of a packed audience at City Hall, accusing Gray of not attending the meeting despite assurance that he would be there."

Private meetings address growing tensions at City Hall - "City leaders held two private meetings in the past five days to address disputes between Councilor Dan Skolnik and a number of city employees."

Police union opposes changes to citizen review committee - "Councilor Dan Skolnik has proposed broadening eligibility rules for the Police Citizen Review Subcommittee [PCRS] to include groups now banned from the committee."

It is time for Mr. Robinson to put way the "Captain Obvious decoder rings" and use the search button on to avoid making huge mistakes, which is his job as the Editor.

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