Thursday, June 03, 2010

WGME Channel 13

Live, Work, Portland:

A new marketing plan to bring creative business back
Fresh off passing a budget with a tax increase, cuts to serivices and jobs, the City of Portland launches a new effort to bring in more business, which ultimately means more money. The program is called, "Live, Work, Portland." The goal is to bring back creative business to the city through a new marketing strategy. City Councilor Dave Marshall says
"" is intended to show those from away that this city is re-inventing itself, and the arts district and beyond are ready for even more creative minds, with tax revenue in tow. Marshall says that section of the city has seen an $11 million appreciation in tax revenue over the last few years. And, those are the kinds of numbers businesses like
Portland Color look forward to hearing, saying more business in the city means a potential for more customers.
Posted: Friday, May 28 2010, 08:01 PM EDT

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