Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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UPDATE: Council rejects moratorium on medical marijuana

UPDATE: The city council voted unanimously to reject a six month moratorium on a medical marijuana dispensary in Portland.
That came after more than a dozen people, including medical marijuana users, spoke up asking to allow a dispensary sooner rather than later.
The patients claim that marijuana is the only thing that eases their pain.
The council also sent a proposal to the planning board suggesting where the dispensary should be located.
It blocked out three different sections of the city that could be rezoned for the dispensary, including downtown, Bayside and certain major streets and avenues, including Washington, Brighton and Forest.
The city's attorney had suggested the city needed a moratorium saying it needed to look at zoning regulations before it approved a location.

This afternoon:
A protest is planned against a proposal that would delay a medical marijuana dispensary to be set up in Portland.
Monday night at 7:00, the city council will take up the six month moratorium on any dispensaries within city limits. An hour before that, a group of medical marijuana supporters plan to march from Congress Square to city hall, to protest against the proposal. People against the plan say the voters have spoken, and it's time to get moving. City councilor Dave Marshal will be marching with them, and has sponsored an order that would overrule the moratorium.
Posted: Monday, June 21 2010, 08:53 AM EDT

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