Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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US city signs deal with Ameresco for $9.4m greening project

16 March 2011

Renewable energy company Ameresco has signed an agreement with Maine’s largest city to provide energy conservation measures to a number of Portland facilities.

The $9.4m project will include 30 municipal buildings and 15 public schools, and it has been estimated it will save the city $17m over the 15-year project term.

Councillor Dave Marshall, chair of the energy and environmental sustainability committee, said, ‘These energy conservation measures are inline with our Climate Action Plan.

‘We have committed ourselves to reducing our carbon pollution and our investments meet these resolutions while we reduce energy consumption, achieve savings and create jobs.’

Schools, the City Hall and care homes all come under the action plan as the city aims to drive through a comprehensive, umbrella sweep of measures.

David Anderson, executive vice president of Ameresco, said, ‘Working with the city of Portland to bring them smart energy choices and conservation expertise has been a rewarding experience, and we applaud the city for being a leader in sustainability.’

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